UC Santa Cruz Student Zainab Mansoor Allegedly Murdered by her Boyfriend

Brannigan was also a former student of University of California

In a devastating incident at Seabright State Beach on Friday morning, Zainab Mansoor, a 21-year-old student at UC Santa Cruz, tragically lost her life. She was found unconscious on the beach, near the water, with fatal injuries. Police arrived shortly after 1 a.m. and discovered Mansoor alongside her boyfriend, Samuel Brannigan.

Zainab Mansoor murder

Brannigan himself had called 911 and informed police that a homicide had just occurred, and he was somehow involved in it. While Mansoor was the present student at University of California , Stone is a former student.

Police attempted life saving measures and later Mansoor was rushed to Dominican Hospital but, sadly, did not survive her injuries. Investigators determined that Mansoor and Brannigan were in a relationship at the time of the incident. Mansoor, who was currently enrolled at UC Santa Cruz, met a tragic end at the beach.

In a statement, the University of California Santa Cruz conveyed heartfelt condolences and deep sadness in response to the tragic loss of Zainab Mansoor. Samuel Brannigan, who was previously enrolled but not currently attending the university, was apprehended by law enforcement on suspicion of homicide following the incident. He has been placed in custody and is scheduled to remain detained until his forthcoming court appearance, which is set for March 13. He did not enter a plea in his first court appearance.

Authorities investigating the case have confirmed that Mansoor and Brannigan were acquainted with each other prior to the tragic events that unfolded at Seabright State Beach, but situations that led to the death of Zainab Mansoor are yet not known. Cause of Mansoor's death has also not been disclosed yet. The case has prompted the need of greater awareness regarding domestic violence and recourses available.