Uber Family Profile: Pay for your family's rides from one place

Uber Family Profile makes it easy to pay for rides taken by family and friends

When was the last time you wished to manage Uber rides for your family from one place? Having the app on everyone's phone and teaching them how to use isn't quite convenient. That's especially true when you're booking cabs for your parents, who may not be familiar with all new tools. I, for one, always wanted to have this feature. I would want my parents to get in and get out of the cab without having any headache.

Well, Uber has indeed listened to its many other users like me and delivered a feature called Family Profile. Uber app already has the feature wherein managers can pay for the rides of their team members. This new feature is built on the same idea. All you've to do is add your family or friends to the list and you, the leader, can pay on their behalf. You can have maximum 10 people.

These riders can still book their own ride and don't need to depend on you. This is like having one single telephone bill for everyone in the family which definitely makes it easier to keep track of payments. At this stage, it's only available in Atlanta, Dallas and Phoenix in the USA, but will hopefully be making its way to the other parts of the world.

Now, I won't need to worry anymore when my parents take an Uber ride. I can be at home and make sure their ride is hassle free.

Source: Uber | Via: Engadget