UAE's Rashid Hospital to host world's first 'robot pharmacy'

The robot pharmacy is able to store up to 35,000 medicines and dispense around 12 prescriptions in less than a minute.

How far do you go with technology? The answer is, perhaps, still out there in the wind. As time progresses we are moving leaps and bounds with technology and the multifaceted ways that it can provide us with a better experience of life and also eliminate "human error" out of crucial aspects.


In recent times, robot-assisted surgery has been widely used by doctors to perform several complex procedures with more precision garnering a higher success rate. Treatments via medical robotics tend to have an edge over the conventional treatment technique as this process aids in keeping the blood loss to a minimum and maximizes precision during surgeries, therefore aiding in fast recovery of patients by reducing complication while and after surgery.

Now, Rashid hospital in UAE is going to host the first "robot" pharmacy in the world. The robot is going to dispense prescribed medication at the click of a button based on a barcode, ensuring that a person's waiting time is hugely minimized while also bringing down the chances of human error to a minimum according to cited a report by UAE state news agency WAM.

robot 2

The robot is able to store up to 35,000 medicines and dispense around 12 prescriptions in less than a minute and the entire process will be paper-free as the robot will store the prescription as soon as a doctor documents it electronically, according to Dr. Ali Al Syed, Director of the Pharmaceutical Services Department.

Furthermore he mentioned that leveraging the robot for dispensing medication will be greatly beneficial as it now allows the pharmacist to divert more energy to provide right instructions on taking the medication to the customers and also to answer their prescription or dosage related queries.

Dubai Health Authority (DHA), which is behind this initiative, said that it was one of the latest smart technologies that are going to implement in all hospital pharmacies under its jurisdiction to meet the 2016-2021 strategy, which is directed to achieve a "happy and healthy society."