Tyson Fury licks Deontay Wilder's blood after knockout victory in WBC heavyweight fight (watch video)

Britain's Tyson Fury might have won over the reigning WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder in their highly anticipated rematch at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on Saturday, but it was his blood-licking moment during the bout that went viral.

Tyson Fury

Though Fury bloomed late in the first round of the super-fight rematch, he ensured that Wilder did not get away this time around, with a seventh-round TKO victory.

When Fury tasted blood

During the bout, Fury with his feisty punches drew the blood of his opponent on two occasions. Known as the "Knockout King" in the heavyweight circuit due to 41 knockouts in 44 fights, Wilder was knocked out several times during the match by Fury. The new champion might have gone on and on had it not been for the Wilder's corner throwing in their towel in the seventh round to stop the fight.

Fury, who was dominating the fight right from the first round, gave some serious blows to Wilder resulting in blood spewing out of his opponents mouth and ear, possibly due to a ruptured ear drum. The maniac moment came in the sixth round when slow-motion cameras caught Fury leaning down and licking the blood running down Wilder's neck as he stood helpless, confused and bewildered following a flurry of punches.

Prior to the rematch, Fury had said that he wanted to taste blood in the fight. The cringe-worthy action, which went viral, was certainly a proof that he fulfilled his desire.

Fury's blood-licking moment drew mixed response from viewers

At the end of the match, while Fury announced "the king has returned", Wilder said: "The best man won on the night. My coach threw in the towel but I'm ready to go out on my shield. I just wish my corner would have let me go out on my shield, I'm a warrior. But he [Fury] did what he did and there's no excuse."

It was soon after that the moment spread like wildfire with many calling Fury a "demon" while others were in complete awe of him.

"Before the fight FURY said he will taste wilder's blood, at round 6 with wilder's eyes swollen, lips busted & ears bleeding, Fury brought out his tongue and tasted wilder's blood! THE BEAST " tweeted a viewer.

"Not only did Tyson Fury have time to lick Wilder blood, he also had time to do a mini concert. Wilder is fuming," wrote another

Here is a look at some of the reactions that came after Fury's blood-licking moment went viral: