Tyga feels sorry for Travis Scott for dating 'manipulator and player' Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner and Tyga made their relationship official in February 2015.

Tyga had shared an on-and-off relationship with Kylie Jenner Reuters

Tyga reportedly feels sorry for Travis Scott for dating Kylie Jenner. The Rack City hitmaker feels the make-up kit mogul is using her current rapper boyfriend for her benefit.

A source told Hollywood Life: "Travis Scott is a non-entity, he's a nobody and not worth Tyga's time and energy. Tyga doesn't hold him responsible for his breakup with Kylie, he places the blame for that firmly in her court."

"Tyga thinks Kylie is a manipulator and player — and says that if he was to summon up any kind of feeling for Travis, it would be one of pity. Tyga's been telling people that he thinks he had a lucky escape, and he's thankful that he hasn't got to be tied to the Kardashians for the rest of his life," the insider added.

"Most of Tyga's friends are taking it with a pinch of salt though — he was heartbroken when Kylie dumped him, so it's a pretty drastic turnaround for him to make — it smacks more of sour grapes," the source shared.

Jenner and Tyga had been dating since 2014 when the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star was still a minor. The two made their relationship official in February 2015. Jenner and Tyga had briefly broken up in April 2016, however, they reunited, only to break-up again.

Meanwhile, Tyga had earlier admitted that he felt "overshadowed" in his relationship with Jenner. He said: "When you're in a very public relationship like that, it's hard for other people to see you differently than that. Being in that, it took a lot, career-wise, everything. It overshadowed a lot of my talents and a lot of things that I worked hard for."