Baby boy of George Young and Janet Hsieh arrives

Celebrity couple George Young and Janet Hsieh welcomed a baby boy on October 11, 2017

Janet Hsieh
Janet Hsieh Pregnant photoshoot Instagram

George Young and Janet Hsieh have welcomed a new member to their family, as Hsieh delivered their first child on October 11, 2017.

Young himself confirmed this news through his official Facebook page. "I have a son. Janet Hsieh is Wonder Woman. I'll figure out the rest later," posted an excited Young.

George Young and Janet Hsieh in a dilemma

George Young is based in Singapore, while Janet Hsieh is pursuing her television career in Taiwan. Earlier, the 37-year-old television personality said that they are in a dilemma in choosing the place to raise their child. Both Young and Hsieh are very busy with their professional commitments, and they used to see each other very rarely, as they live in two different countries.

The bliss of being pregnant

Janet Hsieh has been very active on social media since the news of her pregnancy became public. The celebrity couple announced the news of pregnancy on April Fool's Day, 2017. From then, the actress posted a series of photos and comments which celebrated the bliss of being pregnant.

Hsieh also did an underwater photoshoot and shared her photos, which flaunted the baby bump, on her Instagram. Following the upload, the photos went viral among her fans, and as of now, it has fetched more than 34,000 likes.

Janet Hsieh also posted a series of nude maternity photos, which emerged the hottest trending pictures in Instagram.

"Those are the beautiful moments and feelings I wanted to capture with this series of nude maternity photos. Just the beauty and miracle that is the body when it is carrying a baby inside," captioned Hsieh in one of the nude photos.

Hsieh is now the host of 'Fun Taiwan' which is being aired on Discovery Travel and Living Channel. The program is currently in its 13th stage, and the major attraction of the show is Hsieh's presentation.

George Young and Janet Hsieh got married in 2015 in Antarctica.