Two Ohio State University football players charged with rape by Columbus police

Police affidavit reveals the woman who was crying after she was raped was forced to say that the act was 'consensual on a video recording while laughing at her'

Two Ohio State University football players were accused of rape and kidnapping of a woman in an apartment earlier this month, Columbus police said. Defensive players Amir I Riep and Jahsen L Wint, both 21, were charged on Tuesday, and a warrant has been issued for their arrests.

The incident took place on the evening of February 4 at an apartment shared by both Riep and Wint on northwest Columbus, Ohio, the Columbus Dispatch quoting a police affidavit stated. The woman was with Reip and began engaging in consensual sex. The woman shortly stopped and told Reip she didn't want to continue. Wint then entered the room and asked whether he could join.

Rape victim
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The affidavit states Wint grabbed her by the neck and raped her. Riep held her down with her body while Wint forced her into engaging in oral sex. The woman who was crying was then forced to say that the act was "consensual on a video recording while laughing at her," the affidavit said.

"We are aware that two of our students have been arrested and criminally charged," Ohio State spokesman Ben Johnson said in a statement. "They have been suspended from all activities involving the football program. We will share more information when available."

NFL's Antonio Brown accused of rape

The rape allegations against the players came months after former New England Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown was accused of rape and sexual assault of former trainer Britney Taylor.

According to a civil suit filed by Taylor on September 10, 2019, Brown sexually assaulted her on two occasions in June 2017 and raped her in May 2018. Brown, who has been released by the Patriots in September, has denied the claims and said that their actions were consensual. He also filed a countersuit against Taylor.

Antonio Brown was accused of rape last September wikimediacommons

"Mr Brown is committed to his continued aggressive response to Taylor's false allegations," Brown's attorney Camille Blanton had said. "Not only does Mr Brown seek to clear his name, but he also desires to make a statement that there is not an open season to extort professional athletes." The seven-time Pro Bowler's endorsement deal with Nike was terminated in September, and investigation by the National Football League (NFL) is ongoing.