NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown faces arrest after assault on truck driver

The controversial athlete was earlier accused of sexual assault by two women.

The Hollywood, Florida, police department issued an arrest warrant against Patriots' wide receiver Antonio Brown after he was accused of assault. Brown is no stranger to run-ins with the law as he was accused of rape by one of the athletics trainer last September. The warrant, this time around, was issued on account of an incident that occurred at his home last week in which Brown (31) along with his coach and friend Glenn Holt assaulted a truck driver.

The police say that the former New England Patriots wide receiver and his trainer Glen Holt (35) were involved in a quarrel over money and that they got physical with the truck driver outside Brown's residence. It was the truck driver who pressed charges against Brown and Holt, which lead to Holt's arrest on Tuesday.

Warrant issued, Coach Holt arrested on Tuesday over similar charges

Antonio Brown was accused of rape last September wikimediacommons

Brown is facing felony, burglary and battery charges. According to court documents, the victim is a driver at a moving company that Brown had hired to relocate his belongings from California to Hollywood for a fee of $4,000.

When Brown refused to pay, the driver let all of Brown's belongings stay in the truck and leave–– at which point Brown threw a rock at the victim's truck. This is where the argument exploded into physical violence when Brown refused to pay for the damage to the truck he had caused. Brown assaulted the driver as Holt tried to take the keys and Brown's belongings from the truck.

"Over the years I have stood at the side of my children's father Antonio Brown and watched the rise and fall of an incredible man and athlete," said Chelsie Kyriss, Brown's partner. "Our children and I have distanced ourselves from him and our former home. Unfortunately, it seems Antonio continues to ignore the advice of those who love and support him," she concluded.

This is far from his first run-in with the law as he was accused of rape by one of his former offseason athletic fitness trainers. Brown's attorney at the time said that the relationship was consensual and denied the allegations in the lawsuit. He also filed a counter lawsuit.

The arrest warrant issued by the Hollywood Police Department @twitter/andyslater