Two men involved in circulating pornography on Telegram group SG Nasi Lemak face additional charges

The two men were among the four accused of allegedly circulating obscene material and pornographic material on the chat group.

Telegram. Pixabay

Two among the four men accused of transmitting obscene materials on messaging app Telegram in the group called SG Nasi Lemak are now facing additional charges due to circulating pornographic content.

Lion Tianwei, 37, was charged with three counts of transmitting pornographic material by electronic means on October 22 whereas Leonard Teo Min Xuan, 26, who was already accused of sharing pornography also faces additional charges.

The other two people charged for the crime were already handed additional charges earlier. The two teenagers were offered a bail amounting to $5,000 each and will be back in court on November 25.

Liong and Teo were not offered bail on October 22 as the former's case has been postponed to October 29 whereas Teo will be back in the court on November 5.

As per the police statement, reported by the Strait Times, four of them were arrested for suspected involvement in circulating obscene material on the messaging app in the group named SG Nasi Lemak.

Around 10 electronic devices were seized by the police for investigation. The chat group which was used to share photos and videos of women in Singapore had more than 44,000 members when it was last active. As reported by the Strait Times, as the number of members increased there was an entry fee of $30 to join the group.

Another Telegram group called SharingisCaring is under the Singapore police radar, recently. There have been reports that in that group also pornographic content are being circulated and the police are investigating into the matter. The police had warned the public of Singapore and told them to get involved in these kinds of groups in the future.

As per Singapore law, offenders convicted of transmitting obscene material and pornographic content with the help of electronic means can be jailed up to three months and also be fined at the same time.

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