Telegram chat group under police radar for allegedly circulating pornographic content in Singapore

The chat group has been allegedly circulating obscene materials and even pictures and videos of commuters without their consent.

Telegram. Pixabay

After the shocking incident of Telegram chat group 'SG Nasi Lemak' another new group active on the instant messaging platform which goes by the name 'SharingIsCaring' has come under the radar of Singapore police for sharing obscene materials and even pictures and videos of commuters without their consent on Telegram.

As reported by AsiaOne, the police are aware of the chat group that is also sharing pornographic content and are looking into the matter. The group has more than 100 members and even images of school children are also shared on the platform.

The pictures and videos of women and girls that were taken in public places are shared on the messaging app and around 5,000 photographs and 800 videos containing obscene materials have already been posted on the group, as reported by AsiaOne.

Last Tuesday, four people were charged in the court for allegedly sharing obscene materials on the chat group named 'SG Nasi Lemak'. Among the four two of them were teenagers. The police in a statement said that the four were arrested for their suspected involvement in the crime. The teenagers were again produced in court on October 18 as they faced an additional charge of having the obscene materials on their electronic devices.

The police made the people of Singapore aware that sharing obscene material is a heinous crime, as reported by AsiaOne. In Singapore, anyone found guilty of sharing such obscene materials can face a jail term up to three months and can also get fined.

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