Twitter Planning to Launch 'Articles', a New Feature that Allows Posting Long-Form Text

Twitter is currently working on a new feature that will allow users to produce and share long-form material with multimedia features in addition to standard tweets. The feature, which was formerly known as Notes, has been renamed Articles. In response to a comment, Twitter CEO Elon Musk confirmed the existence of this service, characterizing it as a platform where users may write "long, complex articles with mixed media." Musk also intimated that this new feature could lead to individuals creating books on Twitter.


While Articles may sound similar to Notes, it is actually an improved version with some important changes. Unlike Notes, which were only available in a few countries and had a word limit of 2,500, Articles will have their own section on the platform and will not be merged into the main timeline. It will also support other sorts of material, such as photographs, videos, and embedded tweets. Articles can be tweeted and will display on users' profiles, increasing their visibility and reach.

Musk has not released detailed specifics about the launch date or accessibility of Articles because the product is still in development. It is unclear whether Articles will be available to all users or only to Twitter Blue subscribers.

In recent years, Twitter has been making efforts to expand its offerings and attract a broader user base and advertisers. This pursuit has been intensified since Elon Musk assumed a prominent role in the company. Twitter has introduced several features such as Twitter blue checkmark, Edit Button, Twitter Blue, New Video Carousel among others, in its endeavor to provide diverse and engaging experiences for its users.

Twitter's unveiling of Articles is a watershed step for the platform specifically after launch of Threads App which is offering to upload longer media on its platform. This is going to be first feature release post Threads App release. Twitter hopes to revolutionize the way users interact and share on the network by creating a dedicated space for such material and equipping users with creative tools. As we wait for the formal debut of Articles, it remains to be seen how this feature will affect the future of content generation and consumption on Twitter.

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