Twitch Streamer Clix 'Indefinitely' Banned After Accidentally Flashing Nudity During Stream [VIDEO]

Popular Fortnite streamer Clix has been banned from Twitch for accidentally flashing a photo of another streamer's bare buttocks on stream.

Popular Fortnite streamer Clix has been banned from Twitch after accidentally flashing nudity during a live stream on the platform.

The streamer took to Twitter to announce that he had been banned "indefinitely." "Perm ban... on everything I love," he wrote. In a follow-up tweet, he shared a screenshot of the suspension notification he received from the platform.

"Suspension length: Indefinite. Your suspension will not be automatically lifted. Access to our services will only be restored upon successful appeal," the message read.

Why did Clix get Banned?

Clix Twitter

Clix was flicking through programs on his computer when he accidentally opened a folder containing a thumbnail of a nude photo saved on his desktop. It was a brief shot of another man's buttocks and Clix instantly realized his error in a panic as he tried to hush past it but it did not go unnoticed. Twitch banned the streamer for violating its guidelines, which prohibit nudity and sexually explicit content.

#FreeClix Trends on Twitter

Shortly after Clix announced his ban, many of his fans took to Twitter to rally behind him with the hashtag #FreeClix in a bid to pressure Twitch into reversing the streamer's ban.

"It's clear to see the type of bullshit Twitch is now doing, I will no longer be streaming on their platform until this issue gets resolved #FreeClix," wrote one user, while another commented, "I've known Clix a really long time, he has always had an insane work ethic. He didn't get where he is today by luck. He doesn't deserve the ban #freeclix."

Many of them pointed out the platform's alleged double standards, allowing other streamers to skate by with far worse offenses with little to no consequences. As an example, users cited the incident involving MissBehavin, who bent over in front of the camera while dancing provocatively in lingeries and moved her underwear to the side, exposing herself entirely. She was only handed a three-day ban.

Here are some of the tweets:

It is not yet clear if Clix's ban will be lifted any time soon. However, there is a possibility for it to happen as the message he received states that "services will only be restored upon successful appeal." If he manages to convince the platform that it was an accident, it is possible Clix's ban will be reversed on the platform.