Bang Bang Con: The Live -- Total Earnings Will Shock You as 750,000 Watched BTS Show Real-Time

BTS made its seventh anniversary memorable by gifting fans with a virtual performance of 13 songs in the Bang Bang Con The Live show.

BTS members pose before the Bang Bang Con The Live virtual show. Twitter

BTS ARMY was on cloud nine after watching the Bang Bang Con: The Live, the first performance of the band after months of absence. The virtual performance was a ticket-based show on the WeVerse app. After the show fans are wondering about the earnings as millions of people watched it in real-time.

According to reports, the June 14 show was booked by 756,600 viewers from 107 countries. As each ticket cost $26.09, the earnings of the show was a whopping $19.74 million.

South Korea's most popular boy band BTS went live and performed for its fans for 90 minutes just a day after celebrating seven years of the group. The event was called Bang Bang Con: The Live and this was a gift from the BTS to its ARMY. The show was live streamed and the group members expressed their feelings after performing virtually for the first time.

On the day of the group's anniversary on June 13, BTS surprised fans by releasing the Still With You song sung by Jungkook. In the form of Bang Bang Con The Live show, BTS celebrated its seventh year anniversary with 13 select songs from their entire career. The show started with the song Dope and concluded with Spring Day.

The Setlist of Bang Bang Con The Live

1. Dope

2. Boyz with Fun

3. I Like It

4. Just One Day

5. Jamais Vu

6. Respect

7. Friends 8. Ugh (short version)

8. 00:00 (short version)

9. Black Swan

10. Boy with Luv

11. Go Go

12. Anpanman

13. Spring Day

BTS members became emotional after performing without seeing the audience, but the show was arranged in such a way that people were watching the show live after paying for it, just like how it happens in concerts. At the end of the show, Kim Nam Joon, popular as RM, said he was scared after the virtual show. "Is this how the future concerts will be from now on? I was so fearful about it," RM said. He added that it looks like one must adapt to situations and move on.

Jimin also expressed similar emotions and told his fans to find happiness within themselves till they meet each other the next time because he would like to see happy, smiling faces. V said he wants the Army to be happy and hoped to have another performance soon and expressed his desire to meet his fans in person.

Jungkook told his fans that two phrases that made him think a lot, among all the songs, were "still with you" and "I dance alone". He said he became emotional and ended up watching their earlier live performances brimming with audience.

How Did Fans Watch The Virtual Show?

The ARMY was asked to buy tickets on the Weverse app. After purchasing the ticket each fan got a link that gave them access to the virtual show Bang Bang Con The Live. Each ticket cost $26.09. The show started at 6 pm KST on June 14. Fans watched it real-time and the performance was shown simultaneously on six multi-view screens.

As BTS had to cancel their Map of the Soul 7 concerts scheduled in April, the group gifted its ARMY with a virtual show titled Bang Bang Con that included a series of footage from the band's previous concerts and shows. Reports claim that two-day event was witnessed online by more than 50.5 million viewers.

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