Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 3 Spoilers, Streaming Details: Na Hee Do Gets Closer to Baek Yi Jin

Twenty-Five Twenty-One episode 3 will be telecast on tvN Saturday at 9.10 pm KST. The chapter is likely to focus on the friendship between Na Hee Do and Baek Yi Jin. The promo video and behind-the-scene photos show them getting closer to each other. They are likely to spend more time with one another and get to know each other.

Na Hee Do and Baek Yi Jin shake hands in the newly released stills. Another set of images features them shyly smiling at each other. There is also a photo of Hee Do and Yi Jin walking down the street. Their arms are around each other's shoulders in the picture. Hee Do seems to have hurt her legs as she takes Yi Jin's help to walk.

"In the Episode 3 broadcast, the story of Na Hee Do and Baek Yi Jin's developing friendship will unfold in a fun and emotional manner as they relate to each other's pain. Please look forward to the broadcast where Kim Tae Ri and Nam Joo Hyuk's emotional acting will shine as they transform into youth itself", the production team teased.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One
A promotional still from Twenty-Five Twenty-One episode 3. Facebook/tvN

Na Hee Do-Baek Yi Jin Friendship

Meanwhile, the promo shows Hee Do telling the class monitor everything about the time she spent with Yi Jin. The student curiously asks Hee Do about her relationship with the guy. Hee Do says that she does not know. The footage also hints at a love triangle between Hee Do, Yi Jin, and Go Yoo Rim. The girls fight for a book in the clip, and Yi Jin tries to calm them. Later, Yoo Rim tells Yi Jin that she does not like Hee Do, and he tells her not to be childish.

In the promo video, coach Yang Chan Mi informs Hee Do that there is an opportunity to prove herself. But instead of getting herself prepared, Hee Do nearly gets into trouble. At that time, Yi Jin reaches out for her help. He scolds Hee Do for being reckless at the end of the video. He also asks her the reason for running away. The K-drama fans will get the details of the incident in the upcoming episode.

Watch the Promo Below:

How to Watch Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 3 Online?

The K-drama will air on tvN Saturday at 9.10 pm KST, and people in Korea can tune in to the channel to watch it. The mini-series will be available to stream on the official website of the broadcasting channel. People from other parts of the world, including the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, India, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Australia, can watch the drama with subtitles on various online streaming platforms, like Netflix.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Premiere Recap

The story introduced Choi Myung Bin as Hee Do's daughter, Kim Min Chae. She runs away from a dance competition because of the fear of failure. She decides to stay with her grandmother during summer vacation. Min Chae finds her mother's diary, and she starts reading it. The friendship between Hee Do and Yi Jin was featured through flashback scenes.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One
A behind-the-scene photo of tvN drama Twenty-Five Twenty-One. Facebook/tvN

Hee Do is an ambitious high school student who wants to compete with the youngest fencing gold medalist in the country. But her dreams are crushed when the school decides to stop preparing students for fencing. Hee Do tries to find a way to transfer into Yoo Rim's school to focus on her dream. Her mother does not support her in the beginning. Later, Shin Jae Kyung agrees to help her daughter get a transfer.

Yi Jin is a financially struggling young man whose family suffered bankruptcy. He accidentally meets Hee Do while delivering the newspaper. They had a heated argument in their first meeting. After a couple of unexpected encounters, Yi Jin meets Hee Do at a nightclub. He helps her get out of that place safely, and it marks the beginning of a new friendship. Time and again, they see each other and help one another during hard times.