Thirty-Nine Premiere Review, Recap; Episode 2 Spoilers and Streaming Details

New romantic comedy-drama, Thirty-Nine, premiered on JTBC Wednesday at 10.30 pm KST. The K-drama introduced a woman in her late 30s and her best friends. In the first few minutes, she explained the various changes experienced by the three friends several months before their 40th birthday. The viewers will get to know more about these three friends in episode 2. The chapter will be telecast on JTBC Thursday at 10.30 pm KST.

The mini-series features the various challenges of single women in their late 30s. They could be successful professionals, but several things bother them, like the diminishing beauty and relationship problems. In the first few minutes, the viewers get to know that the lives of Cha Min Jo, Jung Chan Young, and Jang Joo Hee are not as joyful as they used to be.

The lead character explained why the three women preferred attending funerals to weddings. According to them, they have faced several relationship challenges and lost their chances of leading family lives. Since they did not have much time left in their lives, they chose to attend as many funerals as possible. However, they ended up going for the funeral ceremony of one of them. Whom could it be?

Actresses Kim Ji Hyun, Jeon Mi Do, and Son Ye Jin as the lead characters in the JTBC drama Thirty-Nine. Twitter

Thirty-Nine Episode 2 Spoilers

Before the premiere of this mini-series, Director Kim Sang Ho revealed that Chan Young would be diagnosed with cancer. It could make the women release that they don't have much time to be together. After watching the premiere episode, the viewers are curious to know who will meet her demise. Could it be Chan Young? Will the next chapter reveal the person who bid adieu to all in the premiere episode?

The promo for Thursday shows Mi Jo crying her eyes out after seeing a medical report. She screams and shouts at her boyfriend, Kim Seon U. Did she find out about her best friend's terminal illness? The viewers will have to watch the next chapter of this JTBC drama to find out what made Mi Jo furious. JTBC will telecast the next episode on February 17.

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Here is the Official Synopsis of Thirty-Nine Episode 2:

So, the upcoming chapter of the JTBC drama will revolve around the love lives of Chan Young and Mi Jo. The chapter will reveal if Chan Young will rekindle her relationship with Jin Seok. It will also feature the heartbreaking news that made Mi Jo angry.

Thirty-Nine Episode 1 Recap

The story followed three women and introduced a few people close to the lead characters. The episode introduced Mi Jo as an adoptive daughter of a wealthy family. It also featured her relationship with the elder sister. It then introduced Chan Young and Joo Hee as her best friends. In the first few minutes, the three friends get into trouble unexpectedly and discuss their love lives.

A promotional still of new JTBC drama Thirty-Nine. Twitter

From their conversation, the viewers know that Chan Young is in an extramarital affair with Jin Seok. The episode also gives a glimpse of their childhood days. Later, the lead characters visit an orphanage and spend time with the children. They meet a man in the orphanage who develops a love interest for Mi Jo. After a couple of meetings, Mi Jo spends a night with the guy. But she regrets it and decides to break up with him.

In the meantime, Chan Young meets Jin Seok and realizes that she has no space in his life. So, she gathers the courage to end her relationship with him. Chan Young met him at a restaurant and told him that it was time to get over this relationship. At the same time, Mi Jo waits to meet the doctor who will replace her as the hospital director when she goes abroad. She becomes surprised to see Seok U and find out that he is a doctor.