The director of Twenty Again, Kim Hyung-shik is reportedly coming back with a new project for tvN and is tentatively titled About Time. The slot for the upcoming fantasy romance has not been decided yet but it would supposedly be aired by this fall.

According to dramabeans, the plot of the upcoming drama hasn't been revealed much. Possibly, the producers are still working on the details of the story.

However, in general, the story will revolve around the concept of true love and the magical essence of them and here 'magic' will be more literal than figurative.

In the drama, the female lead has the ability to see the 'life clocks' of everyone in and around her, including herself. On the other hand, the male lead will somehow be able to stop the time of hers. The story will follow the time that has stopped, extended, and also being erased through the love the male and the female lead have for each other.

For those anticipating that About Time is a remake of the Richard Curtis film with the same name it certainly doesn't sound like that's the case.

Kim Hyung-shik is known to have done a pretty good job with Twenty Again but then the quality of his dramas fluctuate majorly depending upon the writers.

The casting process of the drama has not started yet as they are since in the planning stages. However, if they intend to air the show after Bride of the Water God 2017 in September, they would make the details of the show official before that.

Stay tuned to know the details of the upcoming show.