Truth behind this viral baby platypus photo revealed; Twitter can't stop talking about it

Social media users found a picture of an animal extremely adorable, but unfortunately, it was not real

There is a photo of an extremely adorable animal which went viral on social media this week. The image became the subject of several memes which have delighted many people in the world. But a few social media users spotted that something is not right about the image.

The photo, which was circulated online, was a cute image of the baby platypus, which is also known as puggles. But it turns out that this was not actually a platypus. Then what was it?

The truth behind baby platypus image

It was actually a rock, a sculpture which was made by Serbian fantasy artist Vladimir Matić-Kuriljov. It should be noted that the artist created the sculpture out of a plastic-like material called super sculpey, which he then painted with acrylic paints.

While many social media users thought that it was an adorable real animal, some of them were quick to point out the truth behind the image. Whilst many people were disappointed that they were fooled by the artist, though some could not resist praising him for his impressive work.

3D printing
A 3D-printed Facebook like button is displayed in front of the Twitter logo, in this illustration taken October 25, 2017. Reuters

Many social media users also shared the real image of baby platypuses to point out the difference between the sculpture and the animal. Some users posted an image of the real animal and mentioned that "This is what a real baby platypus looks like people," some compared it with the fictional character "Baby Yoda" and mentioned that "Nevermind Baby Yoda. Allow me to introduce-Baby Platypus."

One of the Twitter users who knew that the image doesn't represent the real baby platypus, he said that "Ok even if that picture of a baby platypus is fake the real thing is just as good," while another user wrote, "It's time for me to speak up. The viral baby platypus is made of stone and everyone thinks it's real, I just can't let this go on any longer. It's a beautiful work of art."

The memes