Truth Behind GOT7 Disbanding; JYPE Confirms Seven Members' Departure, Issues Statement

GOT7's agency JYP Entertainment has confirmed the news of departure of all seven members of the group. Here are details about the probable new agencies of the GOT7 members.

GOT7 is trending number 1 on Twitter after South Korea's popular news website Dispatch reported that all seven members of the Kpop group GOT7 have decided to end their contract with JYP Entertainment. But this news has made fans worry as there are rumors of GOT7 being disbanded as a group.

Currently, JYP Entertainment, which managed GOT7 Kpop group, has confirmed the news of members not renewing their contracts. "We held in depth discussions with the members ahead of the expiration of their exclusive contract on January 19. As a result of the discussions, both the company and the members have agreed not to renew a contract, instead wishing for a new future," read the statement.

"GOT7 has been a global idol group representing K-Pop for the last 7 years since they debuted on January 16, 2014. GOT7 has been together through the growth of both K-Pop and JYP Entertainment, and we would like to thank the fans, iGOT7's, who have been the driving force behind GOT7's promotions with the generous support they have shown since their debut. Although our relationship with GOT7 is over, JYP Entertainment will sincerely support the new future each member of GOT7 will move on to," JYPE stated further.

GOT7 members have ended their contract with JYP Entertainment, says Dispatch report. Instagram

According to Dispatch, an acquaintance close to GOT7 had stated: "The members care a lot about GOT7. Though they will each promote separately, they agreed to make time when GOT7 reunites."

Neither GOT7 as a group nor the JYP Entertainment has issued any statement regarding disbanding of GOT7. Thus currently there is status quo and for now the group will continue to exist. However, all seven members are likely to sign with different agencies and have different plans to build solo careers. Though so far there is a trend of one agency managing one Kpop group, GOT7 might be an exception and continue to remain and perform as a group despite each member being managed by different agency.

In one of the videos, GOT7 member Jackson requested people not to ask questions about disbanding of the group. He clearly said that he was a part of GOT7 and it is like family. "Don't ask such questions. You are just going to waste your time. I am in GOT7," he said.

GOT7 debuted under JYP Entertainment in 2014 and the members ended their contract with the agency after seven years. The performance at the 35th Golden Disc Awards ceremony is the last stint of the group as part of JYP Entertainment.

Where Are the GOT7 Members Going?

Jinyoung, Yugyeom, Youngjae, JB, Jackson, BamBam and Mark are the seven members of the Kpop group GOT7. According to latest details, Jinyoung has already had final discussions with the actor agency BH Entertainment. He is all set to start his career as an actor.

The second member Yugyeom is considering mastering hip-hop professionally and is said to be finalizing his contract with AOMG. This agency was formed by a former member of Kpop group 2PM, a member of JYP Entertainment.

Youngjae is likely to sign with Sublime Artist that also houses artists Song Kang Ho, singer Rain, Hani, and others. It is said that this agency will not only support his musical career, but also will help him with commercials and photo shoots.

JB is considered as the leader of the group. He is still reviewing offers from various agencies including global recording houses. He is looking for a company that can boost his career as a solo artist.

Jackson Wang, who is quite popular in China as well, has decided to continue with promotion of global activities through his own label Team Wang. Henceforth his Korean schedules will be taken care of by his company.

BamBam who made GOT7 popular in Thailand will receive assistance from a content production agency when working in Korea. His contract with Makeus Entertainment is likely to be finalized.

The seventh member of the group, Mark, who hails from the U.S. will return to his hometown Los Angeles. For now, he will spend time with his family. He has plans of starting his own YouTube channel. He will concentrate on doing solo music in USA. Mark left a heartfelt message on his Twitter handle assuring the fans that the GOT7 members will stay together as a group.

But only time will tell if GOT7 members will be able to reunite and perform as one group, despite being in different agencies and starting solo activities as musicians and actors.

This article was first published on January 10, 2021
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