JY Park Unfollows GOT7's Bambam, Jinyoung and Mark; Are Idols Joining BH Entertainment, AOMG?

The existence of seven-member multi-national group GOT7 is under threat. JY Park Unfollows GOT7's Bambam, Jinyoung and Mark.

After the news of some of the GOT members holding talks with other agencies including BH Entertainment that hosts BTS broke out, JYP Entertainment, founder and co-CEO JY Park has unfollowed GOT7 members Bambam, Jinyoung and Mark on Instagram. In return, Youngjae is said to have unfollowed JY Park.

This is a major development as GOT7 members' contract with JYP Entertainment has not expired yet. The contract will expire by the end of January and the above mentioned members are said to have met representatives of other agencies. This has made GOT7 fans worried, because now the future of the group hangs in the balance.

GOT7 JY Park
JY Park has unfollowed some of the Kpop group GOT7 members on Instagram. Twitter/Instagram

There are reports of GOT7's Jinyoung meeting with BH Entertainment and Yugyeom signing with AOMG. In fact, Bambam and Youngjae even deleted group photos featuring JY Park from their Instagram and Twitter accounts. Comments and messages started pouring in as fans expressed their concerns on social media including Twitter. Bambam even replied to the comment of one of the fans with a shrug GIF.

Yugyeom to Sign Exclusive Contract With AOMG?

SPO TV News reported on January 6 that GOT7's Yugyeom is all set to sign an exclusive contract with hip hop label AOMG. However, speaking to Newsen, JYP Entertainment stated that things are under discussion. "We are still discussing various possibilities regarding GOT7's contracts, and we will inform you when we are ready," statement from JYP Entertainment read.

GOT7 debuted in 2014 as part of JYP Entertainment [JYPE]. The 7-member group has earned a good reputation and had won Worldwide Fans' Choice Top 10 at the 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards and the Performance of the Year Daesang at the 2020 Asia Artist Awards.

Being a multinational group, GOT7 has a wide international market, especially in Thailand and China. Fans are worried that Bambam and Yugyeom's exit cost JYPE dearly. It is likely that JYPE's status of being one of the big three entertainment moguls of South Korea is under threat.

JYPE to Lose Thailand, China Fans and Gigs?

The seven members of GOT7 including JB, Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeom were scouted from different parts of various countries. Mark was scouted from the USA, Bambam from and Jackson from Hong Kong. JB, Jinyoung, Youngjae, and and Yugyeom were selected after auditions in South Korea.

Market wise, Bambam is responsible for getting advertisement gigs and fans from Thailand whereas Jackson is influential in China's entertainment market. JYPE is yet to issue an official statement with regard to the future of its group GOT7.

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