Trump's legal team for impeachment will include Clinton prosecutor Kenneth Starr: Lewinsky reacts

Lewinsky's tweet has garnered attention because of the timing behind it

The White House on Friday night confirmed that the legal team for President Donald Trump's impeachment will be expanded to add three more lawyers. The prosecutor whose work had led him to the Bill Clinton impeachment will also be a part of the team.

Kenneth Starr, Alan Dershowitz and Robert Ray will be a part of the legal team during the impeachment procedure. The impeachment trial officially began on Thursday. The President requires 20 Republican Senators to break the rank if he is to be removed.

It is determined that Dershowitz will present the oral arguments during the procedure. When it was announced that the former independent counsel, Ken Starr would be a part of the impeachment, Monica Lewinsky had some colourful remarks.

Defending the integrity of the constitution

Kenneth Starr
Ken Starr to be a part of the legal team along with Alan Dershowitz for Trump's impeachment YouTube Grab

Dershowitz is said to be participating in the impeachment to defend the integrity of the constitution. He is said to have opposed the Clinton impeachment and voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. On Friday Dershowitz told Mediate that he wouldn't say he was a part of the team per se. He defined his role by saying that, it would be an exaggeration to say that he was a part of the Trump team.

"I was asked to present the constitutional argument that I would have presented had Hillary Clinton been elected and had she been impeached," Dershowitz told the website. "I was asked to present my constitutional argument against impeachment. I will be there for one hour, basically, presenting my argument." He also said that he advocates against impeachment.

Ken Starr and Monica Lewinsky

Monica Lewinsky tweeted about Starr being on board in the impeachment hearing with a selection of very few words. Trump's choice to add Ray, Starr and Dershowitz not only makes it more experienced but it makes the team more aware of the attention that media will be projecting on the case.

Starr had led the investigation during the Clinton impeachment. The investigation included White water deal and Clinton's extramarital affair with Lewinsky. The announcement on Friday led Lewinsky to tweet about the event. She didn't explicitly mention that her tweet refers to Starr and Ray being hired as a part of the team but the assumption came down to it because of how Starr will always be tied to the Clinton impeachment probe.