Trump, Putin speak over phone on trade, wildfires


US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin held a phone conversation regarding bilateral trade and the raging wildfires in Russia's Siberia, the White House has said.

"President Donald J. Trump spoke with President Vladimir Putin today (on Wednesday) and expressed concern over the vast wildfires afflicting Siberia. The leaders also discussed trade between the two countries," the White House said in a statement, reported Xinhua news agency.

The Kremlin said late on Wednesday that the two leaders held a telephone conversation at the initiative of the US, according to Sputnik. During the call, Trump offered to help cope with the wildfires, while Putin considered the offer as a sign of potential restoration of bilateral relations.

Russia has declared a state of emergency in four regions of Siberia and the Far East because of the wildfires.

According to latest data from the Russian Aerial Forest Protection Service, by Wednesday, fires were raging on an area of nearly 3 million hectares and active extinguishing activities were going on for an area of 107,123 hectares.