Donald Trump takes pride that he approved cyber attack on a Russian company?

Donald trump and cyber attack
Donald trump and cyber attack

US President Donald Trump has revealed something which no one expected earlier. On Sunday, May 19, during an interview on Fox News, he stated that the US conducted a cyber attack against a Russian entity.

When the Fox News' Steve Hilton asked Trump about a report that he personally authorized a cyber attack on Russia the 45th President of US replied, "I would rather not say that." In addition, he stated that "but you can believe that the whole thing happened, and it happened during my administration," during the 2018 midterm elections.

After the interviewer asked him why he did not talk about the cyber attack, he replied "because they don't like me to talk, intelligence says, 'please don't talk intelligence.'"

"You know sometimes intelligence is good, and sometimes you look at Comey, and you look at Brennan and you look at Clapper, and I'm supposed to believe that intelligence? I never believe that intelligence," he further added.

While addressing the criticism that he is a puppet of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Trump said that he is the only one who has given the toughest fight to Russia.

As per CNN when they reached out to the National Security Council to seek answers for the cyber attack, the authority did not respond to their request.

In February, Washington Post published a report where many US officials stated that the military blocked internet access to a Russian troll farm called the Internet Research Agency in St. Petersburg during the midterm election.

It should be noted that the attack on the Russian company, which is underwritten by an oligarch close to Putin and was blamed for 2016 election meddling, was carried out to prevent any interference in the US midterms.

Reports also claimed that Trump not only knew about the attack he also gave his approval to this cyber attack operation aimed to Russia from interfering in the election.

Earlier in 2018, CNN reported that an official told that the Cyber Command of US military had begun targeting Russian operatives, who are believed to be attempting to influence last year's elections, to make meddling more difficult. The official also revealed that this move is a part of a broad effort in coordination with several government agencies.

However, as per Reuters, a top US intelligence official mentioned that foreign powers, including Russia and China, were believed to influence voters during the midterm election but there is no evidence of any penetration into the voting systems.