'Trump Often Soiled His Pants on The Apprentice Show, Wore Diapers', Claims Comedian Noel Casler

Comedian and former Celebrity Apprentice staffer Noel Casler has claimed that US President Donald Trump would often soil himself on The Apprentice Set and used adult diapers. Casler's claim comes amid the Twitter trending hashtags #DiaperDon and #DiaperDonald.

As previously reported, the trend started soon after Trump Thanksgiving press briefing at the White House. An image of Trump sitting on a relatively smaller desk went viral. A side-angle photo of the president seated behind the tiny desk, which shows what appears to be Trump's protruding posterior speared the claims of the US President wearing adult diaper.

President Donald Trump

Trump Wears Hard Plastic Girdle Restricting Freedom of Movement

It is not for the first time that Casler has levelled allegations against the US President. Sharing a video of Trump, Casler tweeted, "re: Trump not cleaning himself when changing out Depends, it is because he wears a hard plastic girdle and he doesn't have the freedom of movement. Its why you see him turn his body from the waist so strangely when standing."

Stating that the hashtag DiaperDon is a reality, Casler, who worked on Trump's show, The Celebrity Apprentice, for nearly six years, said that the US President would often soil himself on set. "He's incontinent from all the speed, all the Adderall he does, the cocaine that he has done for decades. All that stuff has a laxative effect on your bowels and his are uncontrollable," he said in a video posted on Twitter.

Trump has Worn Diapers Since 90s- Casler

Not done with spilling the beans on what happened on the show's set, Casler said that Trump has been wearing 'diapers since probably the 90s'. Adding that they often had to stop the show in order for Trump to change his diaper, Casler said that Keith Schiller's job was to take Trump offset and wipe him down. "Our nickname for Keith was wet wipes. It's not a joke. It's happened several times," the comedian.

Revealing that Ivanka Trump was also aware of her father's issue of soiling the pants, Casler added that Trump does it and he almost sits there unaware of it, and one time he saw Ivanka have to kind of go whisper in his ear and then Keith came and took him offstage. "One time there was the word 'arbitrage' on a cue card and he started screaming that the script department was setting him up. 'You're setting me up!' And he just freaked out and then very loudly evacuated his bowels and you could smell it. And the guy who was holding the boom mic was tearing up. And that's where the nickname the 'shitshow' came from. That was the crew nickname for Celebrity Apprentice," he added.