Trump in Hospital, Twitter Warns Against Death Wishes, Biden Back on Campaign: 9 POINTS

President Trump, who has mild coronavirus symptoms, has been admitted to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

President Donald Trump, who was diagnosed with coronavirus on Friday, has been admitted to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. The President has had a fever since the morning, while the condition remains consistent with the White House description of "mild symptoms." First Lady Melania Trump did not move to the hospital along with the President, though the 50-year-old had also tested positive for the virus.

The President will remain in the hospital for the next few days, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said in a statement.


1. I'm Doing Well, Trump Says

Trump wears mask
President Donald Trump, who has avoided wearing a mask in public even as the coronavirus pandemic spread, donned one on Saturday at a military medical facility outside Washington where he was to meet with wounded soldiers and frontline health-care workers Twitter/SABC News

President Trump thanked supporters before leaving for the hospital. In a video message released in the evening, the President said: "I want to thank everybody for the tremendous support ... I'm going to Walter Reed hospital. I think I'm doing very well, but we're going to make sure that things work out ... The first lady is doing very well. So thank you very much, I appreciate it, I will never forget it. Thank you," Trump said.

2. Trump Wears a Mask

President Trump wore a mask as he walked across the White House lawn to board a helicopter to travel to the Walter Reed Medical Center in Maryland. He appeared in good spirits, did not need any assistance, and waved to reporters.

3. What's Trump's Treatment?

The President has been given a dose of experimental Regeneron treatment, the physicians treating him said. "As of this afternoon the President remains fatigued but in good spirits. He's being evaluated by a team of experts, and together we'll be making recommendations to the President and First Lady in regards to next best steps," the physicians' memo said. As a precautionary measure Trump was given a single 8 gram dose of Regeneron's polyclonal antibody cocktail, the doctors said.

4. What are his Medicines?

The President was administered experimental "polyclonal antibodies", his physicians said. This was mainly to help him fight fatigue he experienced. He is also being given a variety of drugs and vitamins including zinc, vitamin D, the antacid famotidine, melatonin and aspirin, the doctors said.

5. How Many Days has he been Infected?

The fact that Trump showed symptoms of Covid-19 infection within a day of testing positive shows that he might have been infected for at least two days or longer.

Melania Trump's Tapes Leaked by Stephanie Winston
Stephanie Winston leaked secretly recorded tapes of Melania Trump

6. What's Trump's Disease 'Spectrum'?

No one knows for sure. He might be able to recover fully within days, test negative and return to the campaign trail. The opposite also might happen, especially given the fact that he is 74 years old. Dr. James Hamblin, writing in The Atlantic, said the the president's prognosis includes the full spectrum of possible outcomes. What he means is that the possibilities range from early recovery to long hospital stay to eventual worsening of the condition and death.

7. Is Trump Discharging Official Duties?

Reports said the President is fully-on. He will continue to work from the presidential suite of the Walter Reed Medical Center. On Friday, he spoke with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham. He asked them to go ahead with the confirmation hearings for Amy Coney Barrett.

8. Twitter Warns Against 'Death Wishes'

Trump's hospitalization was celebrated in the far ends of the political spectrum, with his die-hard critics uncharitably discussing his possible death. Reacting to this, Twitter has said it will suspend users who wish death for the President online. "Content that wishes, hopes or expresses a desire for death, serious bodily harm or fatal disease against an individual is against our rules," Twitter told Motherboard.

9. What's Political Opposition Doing?

Trump's rival Joe Biden tested negative for coronavirus. His test was taken as matter of abundant caution, a the two had met for the first presidential debate on Tuesday. Biden also returned to the campaign trail, addressing people in Michigan on Friday. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also tested negative for the virus.

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