Trump Helped Princess Diana, JFK Jr. Escape; They Will Return on His Inauguration? Supporters Make Weird Claims

Fueling the conspiracy theories related to the deaths of Princess Diana, JFK jr. and Michael Jackson, Trump supporters believe that the former U.S President would bring them back from the dead. The startling admission was made by some of the attendees at the rally organized by Donald Trump at Conroe, Texas.

The "Save America Rally" was organized at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds on Saturday. In his speech, Trump hinted at pardoning his supporters who charged with criminal offenses during Jan 6 Capitol attack, if he wins the next presidential elections.

Donald Trump
Former U.S President Donald Trump Twitter

Trump Supporters Believe 'Real' Biden Was Assassinated in 2019

Several videos from the rally prior to it began were uploaded on social media. It included interactions with the Trump supporters who had gathered at the venue.

A video shows an unidentified woman repeatedly calling Trump the real President, claiming that U.S. President Joe Biden is fake and the real Biden was killed in Gitmo in March 2019. The Raw Story reported that the woman also claimed that Michael Jackson, JFK, Jr., and Princess Diana were not dead and instead Trump helped them to escape. The woman said that they will return to attend Trump's inauguration. The video had been viewed over 280,000 times.

Another video shows a man wearing a "Jesus is my savior" hat sharing his strategy for getting a good seat. Stating that "David" at the Conroe Police Department said that once the gates were open, people could rush the stage to get the close spots, the man said, "Blind, crippled, or crazy they're getting smacked down if they get in the way."

Twitter Trolls Trump Supporters

The bizarre videos, uploaded by Twitter user Patriot Takes, became a talking point on the social media platforms with many trolling the Trump supporters.

"If you ever felt dumb or useless in your life, then think about these Qanon believers who expect JFK Jr to show up in Dealey Plaza in Dallas, where his father was assassinated to announce 2024 presidential run with Donald J Trump #Trump2024 history's dumbest cult Save America," read a tweet.

"Wow... Just wow... Did I hear right ? Trump helped Michael Jackson get away as well as Kennedy? Like WTF? Whats it like to quickly believe some story without being able to see actual evidence. And somebody just saying they know doesn't pass the BS test," wrote a user.

"They have nothing better to do with their lives? It's going to the mall or going to a Trump rally? Why not read a book? Or build a table? Or go hiking?" opined another.