Trump Gets Trolled on Twitter After Claiming '92% of Republicans Think the Election Was Rigged'

Trump tweeted saying that 92 percent of Republicans believed the election was "rigged" in favor of President-elect Joe Biden.

Joe Biden's presidency was officially confirmed on Monday after members of the Electoral College cast their ballots in favor of the former Vice President,capping a tumultuous period sparked by Donald Trump's refusal to acknowledge he lost with the help of Republicans willing to support his unsubstantiated claims.

President Trump took to Twitter late Tuesday night to post the results of a poll, claiming a large majority of Republican voters think the election was "rigged."

President Donald Trump

"Poll: 92% of Republican Voters think the election was rigged!," Trump tweeted, without mentioning the source of the survey.

The poll is nothing more than an indication of how Trump supporters are blindly following the president's lead and believing his unsubstantiated claims that ballots and voting equipment were "manipulated" and that Trump received more votes than were reported.

Despite there being no evidence to support Trump's voter fraud claim, that is not the way Republicans see it, with 92 percent of them claiming the election was "rigged" for Biden to clinch the presidency.

Twitter Reactions

Trump's post instantly went viral on Twitter and even became a trending topic on Twitter with users pointing out to the president that Republicans are "delusional" and would believe anything that comes out of Trump's mouth even if it is not a fact.

"If you told them bigfoot was real and aliens walk amongst us 92% of Republicans would believe you ...all it proves is just how far down the rabbit hole your cult followers have fallen," wrote one user

"Quite frankly this means 92% of #Republicans voters have lost touch with reality," commented another.

"100% of Trump's tweets are filled with lies, propaganda & disinformation," tweeted yet another user. "And it's 100% the case that NOTHING that Trump says or does will change the fact he LOST both the electoral college and the popular vote in 2020."

Here are some of the other reactions: