Trump Tested Positive For Coronavirus 33 Days Before Election, Conspiracy Theorist Connects it with Illuminati

Many conspiracy theorists believe that Illuminati and Freemasonry have direct roles in determining the results of the upcoming US presidential elections

It was on October 01 that United States President Donald Trump and his wife Melania were tested positive for coronavirus. The president is now undergoing treatment at the luxurious Ward 71, in Walter Reed Hospital. Interestingly, Donald Trump was tested positive for coronavirus just 33 days before the elections, and it has made many conspiracy theorists believe that the recent developments are indicating the role of freemasonry and the Illuminati in the upcoming elections.

Freemasonry, Illuminati and 33

Scott L Biddie, a popular conspiracy theorist, and an author claimed that Trump's coronavirus positive test was planned by freemasonry, and according to Biddie, the number 33 has great significance.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump leaves for Walter Reed National Military Medical Center YouTube Grab

"Ladies and gentlemen, let the games begin. Trump and his wife conveniently "test positive" for the coronavirus 33 days before the election and 111 days after Trump's birthday. Double 3 and triple 1 are all part of Gematria aka the game of numbers the elite Freemasons and high society dabble in. Trump and the first lady contracting coronavirus was all planned to fall on 10/1/2020, buckle up this is only the beginning!" wrote Biddie on his Facebook page.

Conspiracy theorists strongly believe that Freemasonry and Illuminati have direct roles in shaping governments in all world countries, and as a result, they are considered the 'government of governments', and this group is comprised of elites from different courses of lives. These conspiracy theorists argue that the result of the upcoming election has been already finalized, and all that is going on now is a pre-planned drama to deceive the general public.

Will President Trump Recover?

In another Facebook post, Biddie claimed that Donald Trump will soon recover from the virus, as he is now taking vitamin D, Zinc, melatonin, and aspirin. The conspiracy theorist also predicted the possibility of civil unrest in the United States after the presidential elections.

"Directly from the White House, President Trump's daily concoction of NATURAL medicines including vitamin D, Zinc, melatonin, and aspirin. How will Trump and the government explain these simple, almost all-natural cures, that will heal President Trump without a vaccine? Buckle up, prepare for civil unrest after the Presidential election is delayed into early months of 2021 for the first, and last time in history," added Biddie.

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