Trouser snake: Man steals python from pet shop and stuffs it in his pants [VIDEO]

The man stole the two-foot python from a pet store in Oregon, Portland.

Picture for representation
Picture for representation Reuters

CCTV footage from a pet store in Oregon, Portland shows a man stealing a two-foot python from the shop and stuffing the snake inside his pants!

The thief was seen sneakily taking out the slithering snake, worth a $200 dollar, from its tank and tucking it in the front side of his pants. The bugler was then seen smartly walking out of the store.

"He's lucky it wasn't feeding day. Feeding days are Mondays. And they're very hungry," said Christin Bjugan, the owner of the A to Z Pets shop.

The footage also revealed a blue hair woman who is believed to be with him in the act. The man was seen giving her the car keys before stealing the python.

However, on 11 January, another man who said to have bought the python from the accused returned it to the pet shop, after hearing the news.

Hats off to the thief for his tremendous courage, as he was risking way more than only prison sentence for few months.

Here is the footage of the man shoving the python down his pants: