SHOCKING: See what happens when penguin husband comes home to find wife with another man [Video]

The video released by National Geographic shows two penguins fighting almost till death for the same mate.

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Girl problems seem to have trickled into penguin colonies. This video of two penguins, released by National Geographic, fighting over a mate has taken the internet by storm.

In the video, a penguin 'husband' is seen coming back to home to find his mate with another male penguin and all hell broke loose thereafter. He attacks the intruder with all its might. His strategy was simple – "Batter the homewrecker until he flees"

After this, what the video showed left audiences in shock. Both the birds engaged in a bloody brawl, flapping their wings and pricking at each other's eyes. It was not long enough that the flightless creatures were covered with blood.

After some time, the love-rivals were heard calling for the female to decide the winner. However, the wife penguin chose the home wrecker.

As the couple heads to their borrow, the humiliated husband goes for one last blow at the new man.

The birds at the end of the fight were severely wounded and drenched with blood. However, the female seemed to have made her decision.

The video ends with the narrator saying that the defeated husband leaves home, however, there are "plenty more fishes" in the penguin colony for him.

Check out the video here:

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This article was first published on November 6, 2016