Trip to moon mission announcement: SpaceX unveils new design update for BFR

The updated BFR design flying around the Moon
The updated BFR design flying around the Moon SpaceX

SpaceX's upcoming BFR, which when completed will be the world's largest and most powerful rocket ever made, will also carry at least one private passenger around the Moon. In Tweet put out by the Elon Musk-run rocket company, it said that a private passenger has already been signed up. The name and details of this person will be announced on Monday, September 17.

In the Tweet was also an image of the BFR flying out near the Moon and the design was noticeably different. When pointed out by a Twitter user asking if this is the updated design, complete with sharper, more prominent wings, Elon Musk responded that it is indeed the newest update to the BFR design.

Other users in the thread commented that the wings will actually offer a better, more stable landing if the spacecraft does decide to land on the Moon or any unprepared landing surface like what can be expected on Mars. Landing, pointed out the user, is important, especially if the company wants to recover their rockets.

The BFR is designed to launch and break off at the first stage, with the spacecraft carrying on while the booster makes a landing back on Earth. According to Musk's presentation from last September, the spacecraft will then refuel in orbit, then carry on toward Mars. This might not be required for a round Moon trip. A trip to the Moon typically takes about 4 days, but Mars is at least 6 months away.

The first version of the BFR unveiled last September
The first version of the BFR unveiled last September SpaceX

As for the Moon trip, SpaceX also mentioned that it is "an important step toward enabling access for everyday people who dream of travelling to space." While the company said that the person will be announced on Monday, it did not stop people from speculating. On user asked Musk if it was him, to which he responded with the flag of Japan. This led people down a path of even more speculation, each naming different industrialists and scientists.

To make the announcement next week, SpaceX has even set up a live stream so that people can watch along.

SpaceX then Tweeted out that only 24 people have even been to the Moon and that no one ever went back after 1972. While 24 men have reached the Moon, only 12 ever walked on its surface. Reasons for why people have not been back range from politics and funding to humans setting their sights on Mars.

SpaceX is also aiming for the red planet more than Moon, but Musk did speak of setting up a Moon base to serve as a gateway in the future.

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