Triangular UFO spotted again in California, Is the USAF hiding something?

A screen grab from the video

A YouTube channel ' mavi 777' has shared a bizarre video featuring a triangular UFO hovering across the skies of California. The unidentified flying object has lights on each tip of its three-sided body, as well as one at the back side that flashed often.

"I stopped on the freeway because there was a metal triangle in the sky. Can anyone explain this? It's not drones if you zoom in you can see it's a UFO," said the witness, Daily Star reports.

As the video went viral on the Internet, conspiracy theorists soon jumped to the conclusion that the object featured in the video is nothing other than TR-3B, the confidential anti-gravity military vessel developed by the US Air Force in Area 51.

Even though rumours surrounding TR-3B have been heard since the Gulf War, the US Air Force has never acknowledged the existence of such a military spacecraft. However, there have been many reported sightings of triangular spacecraft in the US and UK for the past few years, and the mysteries surrounding these incidents were never solved.

"They wanted to be viewed for all to see, the FAA flashing light was there for all to view. Are they getting ready to let this MIL aircraft be public knowledge," commented Forestsoft, a YouTube user.

According to conspiracy theorists, if the object captured in the video is not TR-3B, then it will be an alien UFO which came from outer space. A section of conspiracy theorists strongly believes that aliens are watching the activities of humans regularly, and they are even preparing for a disclosure.

"They fly them out of the base at Palmdale. Used to see them all the time in the 90s when I lived in Los Angeles. This is nothing new it's been around for nearly 30 years. It's an alien reproduction vehicle," posted Mary Smith, a YouTube user.

This article was first published on April 26, 2018