TRAGIC: Indian Man Who Fasted and Prayed for Trump's Covid-19 Recovery Dies of Cardiac Arrest

Bussa Krishna Raju, 33, had gone into depression after President Trump and first lady Melania Trump tested positive for coronavirus.

A 33-year-old Indian farmer died of cardiac arrest following four days of fasting and praying for the speedy recovery of President Donald Trump after he was diagnosed Covid-19 positive. The man from India's Telangana state, who was a big admirer of the US president, collapsed while having tea at a family member's house on Sunday, according to reports.

The dead farmer Bussa Krishna Raju's friend has revealed that he was extremely upset over Trump testing positive for coronavirus. Since then Raju had gone under depression and had started a fast to see the president back in the pink of his health but himself died days later.

Unfortunate Death

Bussa Krishna Raju
Bussa Krishna Raju worshiping Donald Trump's idol in his home YouTube Grab

According to a report in The Indian Express, Raju was all through depressed even when fasting, his cousin B Vivek said. "He had slipped into depression after hearing about Trump contracting coronavirus," said Vivek.

According to reports Raju, who used to offer daily prayers to Trump, was nicknamed 'Trump Krishna' by villagers. He started fasting the very day Trump tested positive for coronavirus and continued to worship him for the four days without breaking his fast. Finally, he broke his fast after Trump was discharged from the hospital and said that he was "doing fine."

However, the fasting took a toll on his health and he collapsed while having tea at one of his relatives' house on Sunday. Raju was pronounced dead by doctors after being taken to the hospital for treatment, his family said. "He was not eating properly. When we rushed him to the hospital, the doctors declared him dead. The cause of death is a cardiac arrest," Vivek said.

Avid Trump Admirer

Raju, who had said that his devotion for Trump began more than four years ago when the president appeared to him in a dream, had days ago posted a tearful video on his Facebook page wishing for his idol's recovery from the viral disease that has killed more than one million people worldwide.

One of his Raju's close friends said that he had installed a six-feet statue of Trump last year and used to worship him regularly. Over the past three to four days, Raju spent sleepless nights, starved, and prayed for the United States President's recovery from the Covid-19.

In fact Raju had tried to meet his idol several times but couldn't. "It's sad that he passed away without meeting his hero," said Venkat Goud, the head of Krishna's native village and Raju's close friend. "He had tried so hard to meet him" when Trump had come to India in February.

"I'm feeling proud as my God has come to India. I worship Trump as God and believe that I shall meet him soon. He has played a major role in fight against terrorism," Raju had said earlier this year to ANI.

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