Tori Kelly Admitted to Hospital After Collapsing in Public; Getting Treatment for Blood Clots

Tori Kelly is admitted to a hospital in Los Angeles and getting treatment for blood clots around her vital organs. The singer was rushed to the hospital after reportedly fainted while enjoying dinner with her friends in downtown Los Angeles on Sunday (July 23).

The Grammy Award-winning singer fainted after her heart started beating fast, and she was out for a while, sources told TMZ. She was then rushed to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles by her friends, the outlet reported. According to the report, Tori's friends transported her to the hospital in a vehicle instead of calling the ambulance.

After running a wide range of tests, the doctors discovered blood clots in her legs and lungs. They are trying to evaluate if the singer has clots around her heart. The Nobody Love singer is currently getting treatment in the ICU. According to the sources, her condition is "really serious" as she is "in and out of consciousness".

Tori Kelly
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Tori Kelly has been active in the music industry as a singer and songwriter for several years. She bagged the Billboard Women in Music Breakthrough Artist Award in 2015 and took home the Best Gospel Album and Best Gospel Performance/Song during Grammy Awards 2019.

Following the report of Tori Kelly's health, her fans started flooding social media platforms and online communities with prayers for her speedy recovery.

Fans' Reactions:

God bless you Tori so sad! Too much of people dying from blood clots lately, makes you think. I pray she pulls thru, please God have mercy on Tori!

Another??? When will we acknowledge this public health emergency?

Hope she'll be ok. If it were my loved one, I'd be asking questions.

I hope this young lady pulls through don't know much about her but every time she sings she blows it out of the park.

oh no.... i have Tori followed on here the whole time.... am praying hope she be ok

No, not Tori too?! Did she take that experimental, poorly tested and rushed to the market shot that the government and employers strong -armed people into getting because they knew otherwise any reasonable person wouldn't rush to get an unproven safe and effective treatment?

Lord Please protect Tori Kelly and her family. Let your healing touch fall upon her!