TOP's Rumored Ex-Girlfriend Han Seo Hee Detained For 20 Days in Drug Case

Judges did not come to a conclusion during interrogation on July 29 and have ordered to detain Han Seo Hee for 20 days.

SNS personality Han Seo Hee has been detained for 20 days. She was caught during the random test for using illegal drugs while on probation. The court is yet to give its verdict and she will be in detention till then.

Earlier, Han Seo Hee was romantically linked to BIGBANG's TOP. This even led to linking TOP and iKON's BI with purchase of illegal drugs through Han Seo Hee in 2017. However, cases against the Kpop stars were dropped and TOP had never confirmed his relationship with Han Seo Hee. BI too was tested negative for drug use and acquitted of drug use charges in February 2020.

Han Seo Hee
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Currently, Han Seo Hee's future hangs in suspense. If the court decides to cancel her probation, then she will be sentenced to a jail term again. Before the ruling, the Seongnam branch of the Suwon District Court held an interrogation session on July 29 to decide if Han Seo Hee probation should be canceled. However, the session ended with judges divided on the matter. They are expected to come to a decision within 20 days.

Probation Office Requests For Jail Term

Han Seo Hee will be kept in a facility in the premises of the jail till the judges come to a decision. Speaking in this regard, the Ministry of Justice said: "The probation office requested the court to cancel Han Seo Hee's probation sentence.

Further measures will be taken according to the court's decision, and the drug test that was conducted unexpectedly gave a drug-positive result." If the judges are not happy with the interrogation, additional sessions of interrogation might be conducted to help judges come to a decision about Han Seo Hee's probation status.

Caught Smoking Marijuana 7 Times

Han Seo Hee is facing charges of purchasing marijuana four times between July 2016 and December 2016. In fact, the officers had caught her seven times smoking marijuana. She was also awarded probation of four years along with a fine of $732 (870,000 KRW). In addition, she was asked to attend drug intervention lectures for 120 hours during probation.

Rules state that officers can conduct a random test on those who are serving probation in the illegal drug use case. Thus a random test was done on Han Seo Hee on July 8 and the result was positive for the use of illegal psychotropic substances.

Earlier it was also alleged that she was a trainee at YG Entertainment. But the YG Entertainment recently had clarified that Han Seo Hee was not a trainee under them. Thus her fate will be sealed in 20 days and judges will give their verdict on her probation.