Han Seo Hee Tests Positive For Illegal Drugs While on Probation, to Face Jail Term?

Han Seo Hee who was already on probation for drug use could face a jail term for violating the law once again

SNS personality Han Seo Hee tested positive for illegal drug usage, when she was already on probation for illegal drug use and the violation could result in a jail term for the celebrity.

A random test was conducted on Han Seo Hee on July 8 and the results came positive for the use of illegal psychotropic substances. Previously she was found guilty of using illegal drugs (marijuana) in 2017 and was sentenced to probation for four years.

Han Seo Hee
SNS personality Han Seo Hee has tested positive for illegal drug use, when she is still on probation in the previous case. Instagram

Under Psychoactive Drug Administration Law, those sentenced to probation need to attend a mandatory drug test every month. Apart from that, authorities can conduct a random test any time during the probation period. Reports claim that Han Seo Hee will be charged for the violation of the probation rule and illegal drug usage for the second time.

Allegations on T.O.P and B.I.

Han Seo Hee made headlines when she claimed that T.O.P. had offered her illegal drugs in 2017. However, this charge was not proved and instead, Han Seo Hee tested positive for drug use and was sentenced to probation. She had also claimed that YG Entertainment was trying to protect its members and had interfered in a probe related to illegal use of drugs.

There were also rumors that Has Seo Hee was a trainee at YG Entertainment. But the agency clarified later that she has absolutely no connections with YG Entertainment and that she was never a trainee at the agency.

Big Bang's T.O.P instagram.com/choi_seung_hyun_tttop

In B.I.'s case, she claimed that he had purchased illegal drugs. Though he denied the charges, B.I. had to leave his group iKon and YG Entertainment after facing major backlash. He then took to Instagram to say that he had inquired about the drugs but never purchased them. B.I. was made to undergo investigation and tested negative for drug usage and was declared innocent earlier this year.

Han Seo Hee was, however, caught during an unannounced random urine test on July 8. Since the probation rule states that the violator can be sentenced to three years in prison, Han Seo Hee may face prosecution this time with her old case re-opened.