Three surprising ways Chinese people benefit from Hong Kong July 1 marks the 20th anniversary since the United Kingdom handed sovereignty of Hong Kong back to China following the expiry of its 99-year lease. Two decades on China and Hong Kong still have many differences, some of those heavily benefit China. Here are three more surprising ways they do.
Jul 1, 2017
By Staff Reporter
Chinese exam authorities use High Tech to catch cheaters taking college exam Chinese education authorities are using high tech for the Gaokao exam,  the annual college entrance test that many believe could lead to lucrative jobs. High school students have reportedly been cheating by using wireless devices over the years. In 2017, exam centers used metal detectors, wireless detectors and even drones to deter cheating. 9.4 million students took the exam this year.If caught, cheaters can face up to 7 years in jail.
Jun 10, 2017
By Staff Reporter