Top things that you do every day without knowing they are illegal

Representational Image arrest

Every human being living in this world have surely violated some law at least once in their lifetime. Even though some people call themselves the complete law-abiding citizen, they too have accidentally broken the rules without their knowledge at some point time or other. According to recent statistics, at least one out of three people living in the United States have some kind of police records, and the case in the UK is no different. Several surveys have found out that more than 70 percent Americans have intentionally violated some law in their lives.

Watching streaming sites

People all around the world used to download movies and TV shows from various Torrent sites and other streaming websites. Interestingly, most of these websites do not have permission to stream these videos and files. By downloading files from these websites, you are directly participating in a crime under Copyrights violation act. It is believed that more than half of the American population watch illegal contents.

Usage of fake names

Many people use fake names for creating Facebook accounts, and this is another illegal thing. According to the computer fraud and abuse act, using fake names is a crime in the United States. In the United Kingdom too, the Government is going to take strict action against people who are using fake social media profiles. In countries like India, many people are using fake social media names to spread false information, and several cases of online harassment have also been reported.

Using vacuum cleaners is a crime

This may sound a bit weird, but yes, using a vacuum cleaner in between 6 PM - 8 AM on weekdays is illegal in the United Kingdom. In the weekends, citizens are not supposed to use vacuum cleaners in between 01 PM - 08 AM. However, no such laws exist in the United States, but in Denver, it is illegal to lend your vacuum cleaner to someone else.

Chewing gum

It was in 1992 that chewing gum was banned in Singapore for various reasons including public hygiene. Even now, people are not supposed to import chewing gums to Singapore, and if you want to import some, it should have some therapeutic or medicinal values. In countries like Dubai, spitting chewing gum is a punishable offense. Some of the states in the US including Alabama consider spitting on the road as an act which deserves punishment.