Former Pentagon X-Files Chief confirms the presence of UFOs and aliens [VIDEO]


Luis Elizondo, who headed Pentagon's secret programme to investigate UFOs has confirmed the presence UFOs and alien life. In a recent talk with 'The Telegraph', Luis Elizondo confirmed the existence of flying crafts, which uses a superior technology that did not belong to any nation. As the technology does not have any earthly connection, he believes that these objects are from the outer space, and aliens might have visited us many times in the past.

According to Luis Elizondo, the existence of UFOs has now been proved beyond reasonable doubt. Until October 2017, Elizondo along with his teammates was running a secret programme which the Pentagon calls Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program (AATIP). The programme was run with a mammoth budget of $22 million. Retired US Democratic Senator Harry Reid was the think tank behind this program.

"I think it's pretty clear this is not us, and it's not anyone else, so one has to ask where they're from. In my opinion, if this was a court of law, we have reached the point of 'beyond reasonable doubt'. I hate to use the term UFO but that's what we're looking at," said Elizondo.

However, he did not reveal whether his team had examined UFO sightings in other countries.

Since the revelation of Pentagon regarding the secret project, all eyes are now on a video which features a US Navy pilot chasing an unidentified flying object. In the video, the UFO was seen flying against the wind, and in one instance it literally rotated, which normal human-made planes can't do. Luis Elizondo revealed that this video was also investigated during their programme.

The Pentagon has revealed that the secret UFO programme was conducted between 2007 and 2012. But Elizondo confirmed that he continued to work with Navy and the CIA until his resignation in October 2017. The former X-Files chief revealed that he quit the programme because of excessive secrecy and lack of resources.