Top Technology Influencers to Follow in Singapore Before You Buy Your Next Gadget

These influencers provide great insight on recently launched tech products.

Buying a new gadget has become so tricky nowadays. There are so many tricky specifications that a naysayer gets confused that which one to buy. It is always advised to take suggestions from someone who has great knowledge about the technology and could provide you right details in easy language, to take an informed decision. Are so planning to buy a new gadget, or you are someone who is fascinated by the new devices or technology that has been launched in the market? Then you must check out these Instagram Influencers from Singapore who are providing valuable insight about new tech products launched in the market.

Melisa Novianti Wijaya

Melisa is one of the most prominent Tech influencers in Singapore. She has 2,10,000 followers on Instagram. Melisa is a gorgeous beauty with good tech knowledge. She provides honest reviews on the latest smartphones from various brands. Although her content is in her native language, she has impressive engagement on her profile for providing good details about recently launched smartphones in her country.

Singapore- Meliasa Wijaya

Benjamin Ong

He is probably the most focussed tech influencer from Singapore. His huge content library revolves around new gadgets like earbuds, video conferencing equipment, ThinkPads, gaming PCs, and many other modern tech products. He has reviewed many products from brands like Lenovo, Edifier, Google, etc. Benjamin Ong has 43,700 followers on Instagram. His gadget reviews are honest and informative and help his followers get valuable knowledge about new gadgets on the doc.

Singapore-Benjamin Ong

Julian Taytm

Julian is another rising tech influencer from Singapore. Though he has only 21,000 followers on Instagram and he is putting up fabulous content in his feeds. He has reviewed lots of computer & gaming hardware. He also informs about the latest gaming hardware and e-sports competitions.

Singapore-Julian Taytm

Vincent Sin

Singapore-Vincent Sin

Vincent e-gaming is one of the rapidly rising crazes in Singapore. Vincent Sin is also a very popular tech influencer from Singapore. He gives reviews and feedback on gaming consoles, recently launched games, popular animes, etc. Apart from his original Instagram handle, he operates two other Instagram accounts. He interacts with the public about gaming and anime through these accounts. He has almost 100,000 followers on Instagram.


Yvonne is also a gen-next influencer with an interest in gaming. She has 52,400 followers on Instagram. Yvonne has endorsed brands like PrismPlus, Lumus, Litmi, etc. She also creates reels on winning strategies for trending video games.

This article was first published on March 22, 2023