Top 6 films at 28th Singapore International Film Festival

Singapore film festival is one of the largest film festivals in the lion city since 1987

28th Singapore International Film Festival

Singapore film festival has become one of the most iconic festivals since 1987 and is widely attended by international critics for its recognition by Asian filmmakers worldwide. Besides premiere south-east Asian movies, the programme showcases actors, actress, directors from other parts of Asia.

This year's festival, into its 28 edition, has a line up of total 112 titles including 18 world premieres and six Asian premiers. The festival promises films ranging from "Oh Lucy" to "The song of scorpions and the white girl".

Here is a list of final 6 movies to be screened at the film festival:

A skin so soft

Directed by canadian director and producer Denis Cofe, the movie 'A skin so soft' involves six men from different backgrounds having one thing in common -- their obsession towards achieving perfect physique through bodybuilding.

The movie captures the intense commitment by these men towards maintaining their physique as well as managing ordinary sequences of family time and work.


Directed by Indian Filmmaker Devashish Makhija who has authored children's books, the film weaves around a 65-year-old grandmother who is hell-bent on bringing justice to a girl who has been raped. The grandmother finds herself drawn towards the goal of bringing justice to the girl. The film has been shot in the slums of India.

'Ajji' is a gritty slew of pent-up emotion taking place in the shadowy alleys of the slum that could be misplaced with naive childlike determination.

Angles Wear white

Directed by Vuvan Qu, an independent Chinese filmmaker, the movie revolves around the protagonist Mia, who is a teenage receptionist living at the coastal side of China. She becomes a witness to sexual assault which later on becomes a high profile case.

The film meanders around the periphery of the police procedure in tracing the fact of violence and its trail of resounding affiliations. The director has picturized a complex view of female existence in rural China with remarkable objective to realism.

Aquerat (we are the dead)


The plot spins around Hui Ling's life where she gets relocated to Taiwan living on the suspended Thai-Malaysian borders. In desperation, she joins the nocturnal business of human trafficking landing as a witness to the inhumanity towards Rohingyas, but when she is threatened over secrecy, she is on run along with Wei who believes that he knew Hui in the past.

Directed by Malaysian and Japan director Edmund Yeo, whose short films are widely famous and had ventured into Venice Film festival.

Blank 13

The film is set in the background of a man whose funeral is conducted in his absence, but strangely he returns when the family is mourning but faces resentment. The movie is directed by Tokyo prominent Takumish Saitoh who discover the private life of a man whether dead or live.

BPM (Beats Per Minute )

The story revolves around Paris 1990's Hiv/Aids activist of ACT UP storm, a conference that hurls fake blood and furious chants at stunned bureaucrats. The turning point of the AIDS movement is when sorrow erupts into furious action and human living hang perilously in the balance. The movie is directed by Robion Campillo who is a Moroccan born French screenwriter.