Here's 11 creepiest Asian horror movies for you to watch this Halloween

For those who are not into Halloween parties, sit at home and check out the creepiest Asian horror movies.

Train to Busan
A still from Train to Busan Korean Film Council

Halloween falls on October 31 every year and is observed as a holiday, especially in the West. It is a festive time for many as children dress up in costumes and go from house to house for trick- treating. The owner of each house gives candy or delicious treats to each trick-treater.

People also decorate their houses with carved vegetables and pumpkin lanterns and create creepy haunted house decorations. While many associate this day with fun, costumes, pumpkins and candy, some just want to stay back home and enjoy their own share of indoor Halloween.

If you're planning to watch a scary movie to set the mood for the day, look no further. As a matter of fact, we all know that no other part of the world can beat Asia in this genre as most of the Hollywood horror movies have been adapted from the scariest Asian horror flicks.

So IBTimes Singapore brings you 11 creepiest Asian horror movies to chill your bones this Halloween.

Train to Busan (South Korea)


Seo-wook and his daughter get on a train to Busan to see his wife on the latter's birthday. However, the journey turns into a horrific nightmare when they get trapped in the middle of a zombie outbreak in South Korea.

The Host (South Korea)

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A girl named Hyun-seo gets carried away by an unidentified monster appeared from the Han River in Seoul, South Korea. When her family finds out about her being held captive, they find a solution to save her.

A Tale of Two Sisters (South Korea)


Two sisters, on returning back from a mental health facility struggles to deal with their stepmother along with their late mother's ghost who starts to haunt them.

Ju-on: The Grudge (Japan)


An evil curse and vengeful spirits remain in a house where a woman and child were murdered dreadfully and whoever sets foot in the house doesn't come out alive.

Shutter (Thailand)


After a party, Tun, a photographer and girlfriend Jane get into a car accident . They hit a woman but drive away leaving the girl lying on the road.

Later the Tun begins to discover mysterious white shadows in his photographs. They soon realise that they cannot escape their past.

The Wailing ( Korea)


A mysterious sickness starts spreading after a stranger arrives in a rural village . A policeman gets involved in the incident and tries to solve the mystery in order to save his daughter.

Battle Royale (Japan)


42 nine-graders are taken to an island and are forced to kill one another using random weapons until one survivor who is allowed to leave the island, remains as part of a government program.

If there is more than one survivor, the collars explode and kill them all.



A reporter and her ex-husband investigate a series of teen deaths caused by a cursed videotape. The couple lands up in trouble when their own son becomes a victim.

The Eye (Japan)


After 18 years of blindness, 20-year-old violinist Wong Kar Mun gets a cornea transplant and regains her vision. She is overjoyed with the operation until she realises she could even see ghosts.

One Missed Call (Japan)


People mysteriously starts receiving strange voice messages in their own voice from their future selves . The message contains the exact time and date and sounds of them reacting to their own violent deaths.



Mei is a retired gynaecologist and the neglected wife of an executive. She is ready to pay any price to look young. She starts making "miracle dumplings" for women to regain their youth however the ingredient for the dumpling remains a "mystery".