Top 5 Food Micro-Influencers on Instagram to Follow in 2023

Businesses across industries and domains rely on influencers today to expand the reach of their products and services to prospective consumers. If you are a new or already established food business, then these top influencers from Singapore can add great value to your brand and services. Thousands of followers trust their reviews and visit their page to know about the new and great restaurants, apps, or delivery services.

Brad Lau: He is one of Singapore's most influential food bloggers and reviewers. Having 5,83,000 followers on Instagram proves that he is no less than a celebrity himself. Her Instagram content is mostly about restaurants, eateries, and cafes. Although he is an expensive influencer his reach, the number of followers, and netizens' trust in him makes him worth that. Having him onboard to promote the food business can never go wrong.

Singapore- Brad Lau

Daniel Ang: Next on the list is Daniel Ang with 287,000 followers, Daniel is also a very popular food influencer and content creator. He mostly reviews food and cuisines along with cafes and restaurants. From kinds of pasta, fast food, seafood, and regional cuisine to desserts his reviews are worth going through. His page would make you stop there for a really long if you are a foodie.

Singapore-Daniel yang

Maureen Ow: Maureen ow the first lady food influencer on the list has an impressive 187,000 followers on Instagram. Maureen started writing food blogs first and later moved to Instagram. She cooks a few of the most intricate and delicious recipes. Maureen Ow has a YouTube channel and blog as well. She is one of the most expensive food influencers as well.

Singapore-Maureen Ow

Leslie Tay: Leslie Tay is an influencer known to support new and quality food businesses. He has 152,000 followers on Instagram. Joe collaborates with many new food businesses for his content on Instagram. He is one of the creative Instagrammers with a wide range of content libraries.

Singapore- Leslie Tay

Joe Yang: Joe Yang, with 482,00 followers on Instagram, is an Influencer who is more connected with young Instagram users. His feeds are oriented more toward contemporary and innovative delicacies. From tarlets to very fresh cocktails and mocktails, one can see dishes not seen anywhere else. He has kept his page very attractive.

Singapore- Joe Yang
This article was first published on March 24, 2023