Tomorrow Episode 6 Spoilers and Streaming Details: The Jade Emperor Visits Crisis Management Team

Tomorrow episode 6 will air on MBC Saturday at 9.55 pm KST, and it will focus on the next mission of the Crisis Management Team. Choi Joon Woong, Goo Ryun, and Lim Ryoong Goo will try to help former army veteran Lee Young Cheon. It would not be an easy task as the promo hints at an emotional roller coaster of events. The clip shows the veteran soldier telling grim reaper Goo Ryun to stop working on something she is not good at.

The footage also teases troubled moments for the three members of the Crisis Management Team as they struggle with the difference in opinion. Choi Joon Woong questions Goo Ryun's decision to leave someone alone after knowing the person's situation. Goo Ryun ignores him and walks away. The promo also features wounded Joon Woong, who struggles to hold back his tears.

Meanwhile, MBC has released new promotional stills for the sixth episode. The photos feature the Crisis Management Team in a dire situation as the grim reapers look serious and sad at the same time. They stand outside in black outfits. The last image features the Jade Emperor with an army of grim reapers.

The new promotional stills for the upcoming episode of Tomorrow. Twitter

An Unexpected Visit by the Jade Emperor

The Jade Emperor, who is also the president of Joomadeung, will unexpectedly visit the Crisis Management Team on Earth. The promotional picture shows her first visit to the earth. An army of grim reapers accompanies her in the image. Her upright posture and firm expression can be felt in the still. It also highlights her charisma and dignity.

Meanwhile, the other three images hint at a serious situation. The first photo shows Joon Woong holding back his tears while saluting someone. The second image features Ryoong Goo's poker face, and the third still shows Goo Ryun struggling to hold back her tears while hiding her sadness.

How to Watch Tomorrow Episode 6 Online?

The mini-series will air on MBC Saturday at 9.55 pm KST, and it is available to stream on the official website of the broadcasting channel. K-drama fans from the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, India, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Peru, Denmark, Europe, Australia, and South Africa can watch every episode of the fantasy thriller drama with subtitles on various streaming platforms, including Netflix.