Attention Gamers: Check out top 5 video games releasing in October 2017

WWE 2K18, Destiny 2, Assassin's Creed Origins, Super Mario Odyssey, and The Evil Within 2 are our top five picks for October 2017.

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The video game business is now one of the major money-spinning industries in the world. September witnessed a flood of video game releases, and the case of October is no different. This October promises a lineup of much-anticipated game releases, including 'WWE 2K18', 'Destiny 2', 'Assassin's Creed Origins', 'Super Mario Odyssey', and 'The Evil Within 2.'

WWE 2K18

WWE 2K18, which is available for both PS4 and Xbox One, will be released on October 17, 2017. Developed in a collaboration between Yuke's and Visual Concepts, the game is also compatible with Nintendo Switch and Windows platforms. This is the 19th game in the WWE franchise and is a sequel to WWE 2K17.

Compared to WWE 2K17, the developers have included many additional features to flatter the gamers. One such addition is the privilege to include eight wrestlers in a single match. The previous versions, except 'WWF SmackDown! Just Bring It', allowed only six wrestlers to fight inside one ring.

This new game also marks the return of the 'Create-a-Match feature', which was last seen in WWE 2K14. 'Road to Glory' mode is another major highlight of this game.

The game also features a new commentary team comprising big names like Michael Cole, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves.

Destiny 2

The Windows version of 'Destiny 2', the first-person-shooter game, will have its release on October 24, 2017. 'Destiny 2' was released on PS4 and Xbox One platforms on September 06, 2017, where it received positive responses from all corners. Experts believe that a game like 'Destiny 2' can be played to perfection with mouse and keyboard, and as a result, millions of 'Destiny 2' fans all around the world are awaiting its release on Windows.

The video game is developed by Bungie and published by Activision.

Assassin's Creed Origins

The most anticipated video game release on October 2017 is none other than 'Assassin's Creed Origins.' Ubisoft Montreal has reportedly spent more time to develop this game so that it will be free from some embarrassing issues which we witnessed in the previous two titles.

Just like the previous versions, this game will feature the centuries-long conflict between the Brotherhood of Assassins. Set in Ancient Egypt during the Ptolemaic period, the developers have reportedly tried to include all the elements needed to satisfy action-adventure video game fans.

'Assassin's Creed Origins will be released on October 27, 2017, on Xbox One, Windows and Play Station 4.

Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendo EPD's 3D platform video game, 'Super Mario Odyssey' will be released on October 27, 2017. This game too will follow the paths of 'Super Mario 64' and 'Super Mario Sunshine', and will be basically an open-ended exploration outing.

The plot of 'Super Mario Odyssey' is very interesting. In this game, the gamer should travel as Mario to various kingdoms in his hat shaped ship to save his bride, Princess Peach, from Bowser.

The Evil Within 2

To fill the void of horror games in October, here comes 'The Evil Within 2.' The game, developed by Tango Gameworks, will be released on October 13, 2017, in Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

'The Evil Within 2' features an interesting story in the backdrop of a Stem device, which connects the human mind to an alternate dimension. The makers of the game have reportedly added some nightmarish sequences to sent a wave of chill through the gamer's spine. The prequel of this game 'The Evil Within' had received positive reviews from all corners, and the same is expected for this installment too.

Apart from these big games, October will also witness the release of GT Sport (October 17), Elex (October 17), Fire Emblem Warriors (October 20), Just Dance 2018 (October 24), and Bubsy: The Woolies Strikes Back (October 31).