Tinder's new panic button will call the cops if your date takes a dangerous turn

Tinder has added a new panic button feature as part of its new safety features rollout that alerts authorities when a date doesn't go according to plan

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps out there and although it's a fun app for some, meeting strangers off the internet comes with its fair share of dangers. This is why Tinder is following Uber's footsteps and adding a host of new in-app safety features, including a panic button, that will come in handy when a date or hook-up goes amiss.

Panic button for dates gone awry

Tinder announced in a blog post on Thursday that it is introducing a new panic button feature that alerts authorities if something goes wrong during a date. The feature will be rolled out to US-based users in the coming week under a new "Safety Center" tab on the app.

Tinder's new safety features
Tinder's new safety features. Tinder

In addition to this, you will also have the ability to check-in to tell your friends or family members where you are on the date. Tinder has partnered up with Noonlight to provide these safety features to users.

To use the safety features, you have to download Noonlight and allow the app to track your location. The user has to manually feed information about the date, such as location, into a new "Tinder Timeline" tool that can be shared with friends.

How does it work?

If a user feels like their date is not acting appropriately or is concerned about their safety during a date, all they have to do is tap the panic button through the Noonlight app to discreetly contact dispatchers.

The app aims to allow users to ask for help without raising suspicion during the date and sends a text to the user so they don't have to vocally ask for help. If the text goes unanswered, it will then send a code and call them, if the call is also ignored, Noonlight will dispatch emergency services to your location.

Photo verification

Tinder also plans to roll out a new photo verification tool to ensure that users are talking to the actual person before meeting them on a date. The verification feature will require users to submit pictures of themselves in certain poses. Tinder's AI tech will then compare the pictures with those previously submitted by the user. Like Twitter and Instagram, verified profiles will have a checkmark on their page.

Tinder Photo Verification
Tinder's new photo verification feature. Tinder