Time traveler from 3300 warns against robots, catastrophe ahead?

No trees, no fossil fuel, no humanity in future?

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A time traveller who allegedly returned from the year 3300 has warned humans that a catastrophe is awaiting the planet in the future. The video of the time traveller's statement was uploaded to YouTube by conspiracy theory channel 'Paranormal Elite', and the clip is now going viral in online spaces.

According to the latest 'time traveller', there will be a gigantic war between humans and robots in the future, which will result in complete catastrophe on our planet. The masked and unnamed traveller revealed that a huge computer which is being controlled by itself will take all the decisions on the earth, and it has the capability to destroy the entire planet at one stroke.

"I was not born here. I was born in 3258 on December 1 in the European Empire," said the time traveller.

The time traveller revealed that he was roped into the army when he was aged 18, and added that the uniforms of the army men were made of gold. According to the time traveller, humans will not use fossil fuels in the coming years but switch over entirely to rely on solar energy-charged batteries for all energy requirements. He also added that there will be very less number of trees and animals in the future.

The time traveller claimed that intelligent robots were there everywhere in the future. In case somebody laughs at a robot, then they would swiftly follow the person and even kill him.

"They were not only robots. They were very clever and could take the decisions in communication with each other instantly. They are different, no one understands the problems of golden age and at last, everything will be as it should be," said the time traveller.

The time traveller also talked about a great war which will be fought in 3300. He said that the war was so tragic and made it clear that he will do everything he can to stop it.

"The great artificial intellect was given a perfect power, it was his decision to destroy humankind and all organic creatures and the planet would be ruled only by intellect creatures. It was fateful and tragic for all people all over the world," said the traveller.

The time traveller also said that aliens from other planets will join these robots and fight the war against human beings. He said only 800 humans escaped robots into fields.

After the war, only 250 people were left on the planet, and the remaining human beings perished in the hands of robots. When human beings realized that there was no way to defeat robots, they are returning to the past to destroy artificial intelligence robots from taking over, he reasoned out. He hopes to destroy these robots so that humans can be saved from the apocalypse in the future.

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