Is time travel real or hoax? Now a woman time traveller from 3800 reveals future

time travel
YouTube: Top5's Finest

A YouTube channel named 'Top 5s Finest' has uploaded an eerie video on April 20, 2018, showing the bizarre confession of a self-proclaimed time traveller woman who had travelled to the future. To add authenticity to their claims, the alleged time traveller has also shown a photo which was taken from the year 3800.

The video soon went viral on online spaces, and it has attracted more than 78,750 videos since its upload.

In the video, the woman claims that she is from Albania, and she recalls her memories of time travelling to the year 3800. She even reveals that it was a Belarusian physicist named Alexander Kozlov who helped her to travel across time.

"I felt a very strong current voltage in the body. Everything was black in my eyes and around me. When I opened my eyes, I expected to appear in a new wonderful place with nice trees, flying machines but I saw ruined buildings, corpses of people, destroyed gadgets, robots all damage. That stupid man sent me to the terrible time. Very terrible time so it was very ugly and horrible place," said the woman who calls herself as Bella in the footage.

The alleged time traveller revealed that she took a picture from the future to carry it as an evidence.

In the video, she shows the picture which she claims to have taken from the year 3800. The sketchy picture features the chin and lips of a woman, and in the background, we can see some futuristic buildings and a light in the distance.

In the footage, Bella reveals that artificial intelligence and humanoid robots will dominate human beings in the future, and it will create chaos in all corners of the world.

She even recalled her memory of meeting a killer robot during her moments in the future.

"A robot was so terrible, he was made of metal and his fist was made of silicone. He had facial expressions, gestures. I want you to imagine a metal man, incredibly strong without the feeling of pity. He asked me in an angry voice where I was from. I kept silent," added Bella.

Even though the woman featured in the video had made her claims very confidently, skeptics are not that convinced, and they argue that all the words of the woman in the footage are fake.

"There are absolutely so many holes in her story. She says she takes pictures(plural) but only has a single one. She says that the people in the future introduce her to an old man and tell him that she is from the future?!? She says also that she left those people and wanted to go see a robot but her supposed photo she took when she first got there shows a robot firing a laser? None of this story makes any sense.The robot has no pity yet it shows emotion by talking to her in an angry voice," commented a YouTube user named Thomas Moore.

"So in 3800 the world is pretty much destroyed but our time traveller's lipstick is on point. Priorities never change," commented Valerie Storm, another YouTube user.