Emily Ratajkowski shares stunning topless pictures on Instagram amid coronavirus lockdown

It looks like the lockdown period is getting hotter by the day as supermodel Emily Ratajkowski spiced up her Instagram handle with completely topless pictures and set tongues wagging with her glamour and oomph. Just recently, the leggy lass shared two pictures of herself covering her assets with her bare hands. One of the images received a record 1.2 million likes and more than 5,000 comments. The picture looked so smoking hot, that the very first comment was ''Wow.''

Emily Ratajkowski Topless
Instagram grab/ Emily Ratajkowski

Emily is has been hyperactive on Instagram lately, all thanks to the quarantine period. She even went live on the social media platform in the wee hours and showed a video of herself brushing her teeth. She gave her followers an eyeful of her stunning abs while at it, and was viewed by around a million people. She was seen wearing a crop top in underwear.

Emily Ratajkowski
Instagram grab/ Emily Ratajkowski

Emily is busy promoting her clothing line

Emily is leaving no stone unturned in marketing her clothing line Inamorata Woman. Just recently, she launched a leopard bodysuit and posted the picture on her fashion labels Instagram handle. The yellow leopard print bodysuit is part of the swimwear collection 2020 and it looks like the photoshoot was held in the comfort of her home and not in the studio.

Now that the collection can't be placed at malls due to the coronavirus lockdown, Emily released the piece online and is available for purchase on the fashion label's official website and costs £130.

Women need to dress 'however they want'

Recently, Billie Eilish was trolled for posing in a bathing suit and Emily was the first to defend her claiming patriarchal power structures should be dismantled and women should wear whatever they want without facing any consequences. Emily said on Twitter: ''Another example of how women can't win. However they present themselves-covered up or sexualized-will always be criticized.''

She added: ''Until patriarchal power structures are dismantled women will never be truly empowered. In the meantime DRESS HOWEVER U WANT.''