TikTok Trend Tragedy: 11-Year-Old Boy Dies in Chroming Challenge

Fundraiser has been set up for the young boy who met tragic end.

An 11-year-old boy, Tommie-Lee Billington, passed away after a TikTok trend took a devastating turn, his mother confirmed. The tragic incident occurred at a friend's residence in Lancaster on Saturday, where Tommie-Lee was found unresponsive. Despite being rushed to the hospital, he was pronounced dead shortly after arrival.


Tommie-Lee's grandmother, Tina, revealed that the young boy lost his life while attempting a TikTok challenge known as chroming, a form of inhaling toxic chemicals to induce a temporary high. Also referred to as huffing, this dangerous practice involves substances like paint, aerosol cans, and glue.

Chroming has gained popularity among Generation Z, spurred by its presence on social media platforms. However, its consequences are dire, including loss of consciousness, asphyxiation, and cardiac arrest, with previous cases claiming lives in different parts of the world.

According to Tina, Tommie-Lee succumbed instantly during the TikTok challenge, despite efforts to revive him at the hospital. His mother, Sherri, expressed profound grief over losing her son to this trend and urged parents to educate their children about its dangers, emphasizing the need for responsible social media usage.

Described as the "life and soul of any room," Tommie-Lee's untimely demise has prompted calls for stricter regulations regarding children's access to social media. His family advocates for increased awareness to prevent similar tragedies and has initiated discussions about the risks associated with online trends like chroming.

Lancashire Police have launched an investigation into Tommie-Lee's death, treating it as unexplained, while offering support to his family during this distressing time.

Stephen Ream, director of the Re-Solv charity, warned against the dangers of chroming, highlighting its potential for lethal consequences, including irregular heartbeats leading to cardiac arrest.

Efforts to raise funds for Tommie-Lee's funeral expenses have garnered significant support, reflecting the community's solidarity in the wake of this tragedy.

Local schools, including Bowerham Primary School in Lancaster, have also joined in raising awareness about the dangers of the Chroming Challenge, emphasizing the importance of educating children about aerosol abuse and peer pressure associated with social media trends.