TikTok Teens Are 'Waging War' Against Trump Campaign After US President Calls to Ban Chinese App

The US President previously mentioned that his government is planning on banning the Chinese app TikTok

The teens on TikTok are again expressing their anger against Donald Trump. The users of the video-sharing platform have waged a 'war' against the US President's government and have flooded the Trump's campaign app with a lot of negative reviews.

As per the latest reports, the Official Trump 2020 App currently has a 1.2 rating with most of the reviews accusing the app to be racist, ruining the lives of the users among many other allegations. One of the reviews reads, "I wish I could say I was kidding when I say that this app literally made my life 10x worse. And that's saying something considering my brother just died and my house just burned down."

TikTok Users Protest Against Trump

Donald Trump

Yori Blacc, a 19-year-old TikTok user who joined in the app protest mentioned, "For Gen Z and Millennials, TikTok is our clubhouse and Trump threatened it." He also said as reported by the Time, "If you're going to mess with us, we will mess with you." Blacc claimed that the movement gained traction after a popular TikTok user, DeJuan Booker called on his followers for seeking revenge. Brooker who goes by the name @unusualbeing on TikTok asked Gen Z not to go down without a war. He mentioned, "Let's go to war".

However, as per the expectations of the users, the app is not going to get removed from the Apple store as the technology company does not delete apps based on reviews. The latest move by the youngsters comes just a few days after the US President mentioned that his government is planning on banning the Chinese app TikTok, among other apps from the East Asian nation because of 'security reasons'.

TikTok Planning to Shift Headquarters

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On the other hand, India has banned the TikTok app along with other Chinese apps following the faceoff of the Indian troops with the Chinese troops at the Galwan Valley in Ladakh near the Line of Actual Control (LAC). The clash resulted in the death of 20 Indian army personnel.

Following India's ban and also the indications that the US might ban the app due to TikTok's relation with China, ByteDance, the parent company of the video-sharing platform is reportedly planning to shift the headquarters of TikTok to avoid further losses.